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Registration. no. - MAHARASHTRA STATE, MUMBAI 1270/19/2000, GBDS

Address - 17, Amina Manjil, Juhu Tara, Mumbai, Maharashtra , India



If any problem in finding your staff No. in database or any website related query/suggestion, please contact Mr Robin Jain on his Mobile No. 09818380737 OR

The same can also be forwarded to Mr. Vivek Shinde on his Email ID - OR on His Mobile No. - 09821541010

                            JAMEWA is a benevolent society for welfare of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of Jet Airways.



 Its objectives are-


To foster unity, understanding and interpersonal relationship amongst its members with a view to promote professional and social well-being of members and their families.



To promote science and technology and to provide books and periodicals for benefit of its members.


To provide financial assistance to the members in case of financial crisis arising due to prolonged medical treatment because of sickness/ accident OR permanent disability.


To provide a platform to express collective views of its members.


To have a healthy relationship and dialogue with the company and other aviation agencies.


To conduct cultural and social activities.


To render legal help to members for all professional matters.


To purchase, take on lease or as a gift or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property, which may be deemed necessary or convenient for any of the purpose of association.